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More Republican Nonsense Rejected by Court

NC GOP’s Reign of Hate continues. The Voter ID law they passed to prevent a nonexistent problem had all the same earmarks as the Bathroom Bill (HB 2) they passed to prevent a nonexistent problem. At their core, both bills rely on hate, pandering to the political hardcore base and, ultimately, fruitless in the attempt to marginalize, stigmatize and disenfranchise millions of the citizens they claim to represent. If these political dinosaurs maintain power, we’re as doomed as the Neanderthals. However, the courts may sort them out and reject the idiocy posed by these laws (hope lives!).

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GOP First NIght

Melania and Donald TrumpSo, let’s recap. The first night of the GOP convention has a speaker blaming Clinton for Benghazi – a standard Republican ploy and proven to be not at all true by seven (7!) Republican-led Congressional committees, the last of which spent more than $7m. Then we had an underwear model claiming that Obama is and always has been a Muslim (not true, liar, liar, pants on fire!) and from the “bad side” i.e., the Middle East (again, false). We have the GOP platform that claims Planned Parenthood sells baby parts – another complete fabrication the Republicans like to trot out so they can use it as an excuse to deny women the right to health care. Oh. lest we forget – Melania Trump plagiarized at least part of her speech from Michelle Obama and claims she graduated from University are as false as all the usual Donald’s claims. These people are the worst America has to offer. How can they claim to make America great, when they can’t even rise to the level of mediocre themselves.

Update: it was nine (9!!) investigations on Benghazi – all of which exonerated Clinton!!

Update 2: just some of those fact-checking the first night of GOP convention

NBC news

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No VP for You!

chris christieHahahaha! VP!!That he ever considered for even a moment he’d earn such an appointment shows the hubris and out-of-touch and alternate reality these politicos live in.

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Social Media Power

kim, kanya, swiftYou see all the press and excitement brought on by the recent Twitter feud w KK, Swifty, Gomez and more? Well, if only they’d channel their social media efforts and considerable followings to effect political change to the corrupt system of oligarchy sponsored by Congress. Or, perhaps, their only interest mirrors the politicians – get rich at any cost.

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Hey! CBS!

Hey, CBS! Edward R Murrow called and wants to know if you’re planning on any actual journalism during the GOP convention. Maybe fact checking, for example. A truth meter. Questions to the participants and candidates rather than a rehash of the talking points campaign PR just faxed into the newsroom. Spare us the talking head “experts” who live in the same bubble of alternate reality as the politicos. AND that goes for the convention the follows. Journalism used to be a service to the public to inform and educate on the issues. Mr Murrow is surely rolling in his grave.

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Just Note This

That sure didn’t take long. Following in his master’s footsteps regarding outright lies, Pence, Trump’s new running mate, “Says Hillary Clinton “took 13 hours to send help to Americans under fire” during the terrorist attack in Benghazi”. “ Politifact rates this statement as FALSE

Is it just me, or do all the Trump women, Don’s wife, female children and male children’s spouses, look the same?

On a side note, who’s betting that Trump won’t “fire” his newly-picked running mate Pence before we even get through September?


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Statistics? Who Needs ‘em

MATH: when are we ever gonna use this? Never, if you’re Donald Trump. “Just make it up,” he’d say, “like I do most of the crap I spew.”
“Last November, Donald Trump tweeted a recycled image that included the claim that “Whites killed by blacks – 81%”, citing “Crime Statistics Bureau – San Francisco”. The US fact-checking site Politifact identified this as completely fabricated – the “Bureau” did not exist, and the true figure is around 15%. When confronted with this, Trump shrugged and said, “Am I going to check every statistic?”

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Quick to Quit

trump logo



You can count on Trump to abandon his platform issues just as quickly as he did his new logo.

trump logo no TP

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This Morning’s Musings

If the manatee is a protected species and if the latest algae environmental event in FL may be killing them and if the FL legislature isn’t providing funding and directing efforts to alleviate the outbreak, then aren’t they liable for prosecution, fines and imprisonment under the Endangered Species Act?

In Chicago, as in many communities, the powers-that-be would prefer to pay more $210 million (over the past four yrs) to settle police misconduct claims than spend that money training officers to be more effective, responsible and efficient. Go figure.

Hahahahaha! OMG. Sen Tillis (R-NC, natch!) claims that confirming judicial appointments “is not our job”. Since the GOP is fond of denigrating NC AG Cooper for not doing his job defending the debacle of HB 2, it seems a bit ironic. Especially since, according to the US Constitution, which, admittedly, the GOP seems to know little about, part of the Senate’s job description IS to confirm judges. Shrug.

Bill O’Reilly stands “behind Roger [Ailes] 100%”. So? I don’t imagine Mr Ailes sexually harassed Mr O’Reilly; nor expect that O’Reilly was present during said harassments. Unless Mr O’Reilly is actually Ms O’Reilly, I’m not sure what he’s got to offer to the conversation.
Modern communication makes use of many abbreviations, acronyms, emojis and the like. Such as, brb, tty, tl;dr, and bae. One of the latest sayings to get the treatment is “beating a dead horse” now just “Benghazi”.
Recent headline: Schools are racing to test their water for lead. Why they racing? It’s not as if local government intends to provide any monies to mitigate the effect or correct the problem.
The NRA is trying to reach out to women with ads about empowerment. And by empowerment, they mean armed; packin’ heat; carryin’. Now, when police are faced with an active shooter situation, they not only will have to somehow distinguish the good guys with guns from the bad guys with guns, but also the good ladies with guns from the bad ladies with guns.

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